The Messiah Anna Longed For

Where Was Her Family?

Psalm 38:11 My loved ones and friends stand back from my affliction, and my relatives stand at a distance.

This Messianic prophecy came true at the foot of the cross. All the disciples except John avoided the crucifixion. Whether they saw it from a distance, we do not know. We only know that his mother, his aunt, Mary Magdalene and John were close enough for Jesus to recognize and talk to. Between the pain of the separation from God the Father, Judas’ betrayal and the abandonment of everyone else, Jesus felt alone to a degree no human can understand.

So what does this have to do with Anna? The Bible never mentions anything of her family other than the dead husband.

Did her relatives acknowledge her when they worshipped at the temple?

Did they tell her the news about home? Did they include her in their celebrations at the temple?

Or did they take pains to avoid her when they had to be in Jerusalem?

As a widow with no stature and no mention of her relatives in the tribe of Asher, I’d have to unfortunately imagine the latter.

Fortunately, she knew that God loved her and valued her service to him!

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