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Tales of Fantasy, Mystery and Adventure Under the Influence of Christian Homeschooling

S. A. J. Lyttek, a multiple award-winning writer, always loved writing, but didn’t arrive at the profession in the typical manner. After college and graduate school, she plunged into government consulting. In this environment, she discovered a knack for writing tests, interviews and other measurements. That soon became the focus of her career—reigniting her love for the written word. Thus captivated, she spent evenings freelancing “fun” writing including short stories, poems, articles and cards. When her eldest was a toddler, she quit full-time work to stay home and write. Eager to spend more time with her children, homeschooling intrigued her. From preschool through high school, she homeschooled both sons while continuing to freelance. An integral part of the homeschooling community, she has developed and taught writing classes to a generation of homeschoolers. Married to her childhood sweetheart, Gary, Mrs. Lyttek loves to share her commitment to homeschoolers and her fascination with the written word.

The Weekly Blog and Other Life Questions

6/26/2019 7:43:00 PM BY Susan Lyttek

Okay, this post won’t change your life. But maybe some of the strange meanderings of my mind this week will get you thinking. Rather than one central theme, this post will be a hodgepodge.

First, I went for a walk on Saturday. For those who know my neighborhood, I walked to Costco and back, using the sidewalks, not the tick-infested shortcut. It’s about 2 miles. It was hot, but I was on a mission. The trip going started fine, other than I wished I brought my mini-headphones along. But once I hit Fullerton, it seemed like it took forever. The road ahead wound and dipped so I couldn’t see my target.

Coming back was much better. I climbed a short hill and could see stoplights at the end of the road. It wasn’t faster or easier, but it felt it. With something to set my sights on, everything felt closer. It got me thinking about life. When I wander aimlessly, time drags. When I set my sights on a goal, or to use a Christian cliché, keep my eyes on Jesus, life is more fulfilling and feels like it’s making progress.

Second ramble focuses on our extra pet. We think he belongs to a house up the street, but they might have just adopted him when the original owners moved. All we know is that he’s lived on this block nearly as long as we have. We can’t let him in the house (even though he determinedly tries) because Checkers can’t defend herself against his claws, but we feed him and he now has a bed/house on our front porch. We call him ‘the boy’ or ‘el gato’ and haven’t quite brought ourselves to name him outright. He’s friendly and lovable. One of these days we have to ask that neighbor what their role with the cat is. The lack of knowledge leads to all sort of fruitless speculation about his daily care.

Third, it was our 36th elopement anniversary on Monday. We did have a nice Thai luncheon to celebrate. How else did we honor the day? By going to a financial planner to talk about retirement options. It felt odd to me because I’m currently job hunting. Would like to work for another 10 years before I seriously think about “retirement”. But as a writer, I’ve always felt I would never truly retire.

Point four focuses on Friday. This week, my fourth Talbott Family mystery, A Wedding to Die For, releases. In it, the Talbott family heads for the Appalachians, as Robert and Margo decide to tie the knot on a mountain top. When the wedding planner, Trish, is found dead and tied to a Daniel Boone tree, it threatens to postpone their joyous celebration.

And since the Talbott wedding occurred on June 8th, the same day as Erik and Christina, you know I had to dedicate the book to them!