The Messiah Anna Longed For

According to the Law

In Leviticus 12: 6-8, it gives the instructions for God-fearing Hebrew women on what to do after giving birth to a child.

“When the days of her purification were complete, Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the temple.”

At this time, Mary would be pronounced clean, Jesus would have been officially named and circumcised. Everything would have been according to the law to fulfill the requirements under it.

Anna had watched many such ceremonies over the years as she attended, prophesied and worshipped in the temple. She would have seen many families, at varying levels of obedience, honor and holiness follow the law to consecrate their first born sons.

From their apparent background and appearance, nothing would have made the poor couple from Nazareth stand out. They had the wrong accent, the wrong social stature and the wrong sacrifice according to the popular opinion of the day. Why would the Messiah come from such as these?

But somehow, through her prayer, fasting and through the wisdom that the Lord granted her, Anna knew.

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