The Messiah Anna Longed For

Read Genesis 17:19

As a devout Jewish woman, Anna knew the story of Abraham and Sarah. Without these two, the nation of Israel would not exist. Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, renamed Israel by God would never have been born if those two did not receive the promise.

While Anna continued to serve in the temple, prophesying and hearing the prayers of many, perhaps she held out hope that Sarah’s miracle would be hers. A husband could still choose her and fill her arms with children. Those children could remove the curse that society had attributed to her.

But day after day, month after month, holy season after another passed and in the temple she remained. How many newborns did she hold and bless when their parents brought them to the temple? How did she bear the pain of the curse she endured?

And when did she realize that the Messiah would take away a greater curse?

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