The Messiah Anna Longed For

Start Making Things Right, Genesis 3

When Anna married as a young woman, the promise of the someday Redeemer and the hope of salvation resonated with her, as it did with all godly Jewish women. Wrapped in the longing for a husband and the children that usually followed was this hope that maybe, just maybe, the next baby conceived would be the Messiah. Maybe the next child would be the seed if the woman and the hope of Israel. Maybe the next son born would strike the head of the serpent and start making things... right.

How devastated Anna was when her husband died! And she had no children. None to fulfill the promise. None to take care of her. At that time she was still young. But she was already dead in the eyes of her culture.

So Anna did the one thing she knew. She threw herself into the Temple and its ministry.

Perhaps there, one day, she would see her King.

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