The Messiah Anna Longed For

And Anna Saw Jesus

Luke 2:36-38 There was also a prophetess, Anna, a daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was well along in years, having lived with her husband seven years after her marriage, 37 and was a widow for 84 years. She did not leave the temple complex, serving God night and day with fasting and prayers. 38 At that very moment, she came up and began to thank God and to speak about Him to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem. (HCSB)

For the last sixty days, we have walked alongside Anna. We have learned a bit of what it was like to be a widow in her time. We have seen the touch of God in her family tree—preservation of the line of Asher through the repentance of a few. Through her eyes, we watched the construction of Herod’s temple. We also saw the priests, scribes and Levites who walked past her day in and day out.

More importantly, though, we have re-read and studied some of the prophecies that fueled Anna’s passion and hunger for the redemption of Jerusalem.

‘That very moment’, whatever moment it might be, Anna would speak to anyone who would listen about the promised Messiah, the hope of Israel. She spoke of Him—first of the promise before she saw the babe, but then of Jesus himself once she knew.

And Anna knew. Whether through prophecy, divine insight, meeting with people who came to the temple, or a combination of all of these, Anna knew that Jesus was the Christ. It was because she acknowledged the fact that she spoke to all.

Only those who longed for the redemption heard, but that didn’t stop her from speaking.

Nor should it stop us in our day. We have the whole of Scripture at our disposal. On this Christmas Day, and every day, let us speak of the true redemption of Jerusalem in that future and perfect world.

Amen! Come, Lord Jesus.

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