The Messiah Anna Longed For

Kings and Carpenters

Ezekiel 21:26-27 This is what the Lord God says:

Remove the turban, and take off the crown.
Things will not remain as they are;
exalt the lowly and bring down the exalted.
27 A ruin, a ruin,
I will make it a ruin!
Yet this will not happen
until He comes;
I have given the judgment to Him.


King David’s family line was exalted for much of Israel’s history. But it wouldn’t stay that way. After the Babylonian captivity, the glorious royal line gradually diminished in status. Not only did the Jewish people lose respect for the royals, but those of a Davidic heritage had to struggle and make a way like anyone else. It continued to decline until a poor carpenter had to go to Bethlehem to pay a tax because he was of the house and lineage of David.

Joseph had kings in his family tree!

However, society at the time had lost so much respect for that lineage that sons of David had a variety of trades and levels of social status. Not one of them was called ‘king’ or ‘prince’. That honor was given to a descendant of Esau—Herod.

Joseph’s family was reduced so far that they lived in Galilee instead of Judah. They didn’t even have any heritage in the family territory.

From an earthly standpoint, the Davidic rule was over and done with. People had no more use for it. Why add to the leadership chaos? The Rome/Edom combination was bad enough.

But God’s promises do not fail or fade. A son of David would rule over a lasting, heavenly kingdom. But this son of David would not be a wealthy, earthly king focused on status and position.

He would be a lowly king, born in a stable, who could truly love and identify with all people—including a poor widow who lived in the temple.

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