The Messiah Anna Longed For

The Spirit of the Messiah

Isaiah 11:2-9 (verse 4 excerpted) But He will judge the poor righteously and execute justice for the oppressed of the land. He will strike the land with discipline from His mouth, and He will kill the wicked with a command from His lips.


In yesterday’s post, I never mentioned Anna. Instead, I focused on the meaning of the verse itself. But I see Anna all through these verses.

She was likely poor. Most widows were. She lived in the temple, so she couldn’t have had much in the way of physical possessions. Probably just the clothes on her back. Maybe an extra robe for when it got cold.

And oppressed? There would have been times during her years in the temple that being devoted to Yahweh to the extent of living for Him day in and day out would not have been looked on kindly. Her daily bread probably depended on the mercy of the priests who served that day.

Surrounded by wicked? Most definitely. She lived in the temple in Jerusalem. Many of the higher priests had their position politically and not for reasons of faith. She also saw the impact of Herod’s rule and the fear of Rome.  In many ways, life for Anna was like life in our day in any country being torn apart by civil war, jockeying for power, and trying to foster one external image while living in a different reality. In other words, at least one of those descriptors can apply to any place on earth where sinful man lives.

But Anna had hope in the redemption of Jerusalem. She likely knew the prophecies of Isaiah and understood that the Messiah would be filled with wisdom and act with justice. He would be righteous and holy. He would love the poor so much that he would kill the wicked who oppressed them with a single word from his mouth.

We still look for this hope in the Messiah. He does not yet rule the earth and govern the hearts of men. The cross earned him the right to, but his return will grant that position.

How we, like Anna, look for the day when the wolf will live with the lamb and no one will harm or destroy another!

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