Susan Lyttek loves to lead workshops! All of the following topics, available in 60 or 90 minute presentations, have been shared with church, library or writers groups:

  • A Verse A Day. How to use an in-depth study on a short passage of Scripture to create poetic verse.
  • Weaving Fact into Fiction. How to make run of the mill fiction, or even the most bizarre invented worlds, reach the reader and suspend disbelief by choosing when and how to add facts.
  • Planning for Pantsers. If you don’t outline, don’t write sequentially and don’t follow any of the prescribed plans for writing a novel, can you still create a cohesive and well-thought out book? Of course, you can. You need to follow God’s design for you and work with your inner pantser.
  • Writing Part-Time with a Full-Time Impact. Most writers do something else primarily. How can you make your part-time job into a productive ministry that blesses others, serves God with your talents, and maybe even earns some money?
  • Coupon Stewardship. How can you use coupons, sales, rebates and other ways to save money to give to the poor, the less fortunate and other worthy causes.
  • Poetry for Non-Poets. A workshop on practical poetic techniques that will brighten your essays, make your fiction come alive, and increase the salability of your nonfiction.
  • The Joy of Poetry. From the Psalms in the Bible to the early works of Homer to the stories the bards carried from town to town, poetry through the ages has served to inform, to strengthen, to build us within and make us more as God intended us to be. A brief history of poetry with practical applications.
  • Excuses, Excuses! This class in time management for writers will help you distinguish between legitimate life distractions and the lure of procrastination. Learn to seize moments, work in the now, and accomplish more.


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