The Messiah Simeon Waited For

Day 54, David's Branch

Jeremiah 23:5-6 “The days are coming”—this is the Lord’s declaration—
“when I will raise up a Righteous Branch of David.
He will reign wisely as king
and administer justice and righteousness in the land.
 In His days Judah will be saved,
and Israel will dwell securely.
This is what He will be named:
Yahweh Our Righteousness.

The religious leaders shouldn’t have been too surprised when Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. Here, in a prophecy about the Messiah, it names him as Yahweh. That was the name for God the Father.

So the righteous branch will be righteous because he is God.

Under his rule, still yet to come, Israel and Judah will be reunited. They will recognize him as king and judge. He will control all things, but with perfect wisdom so that all the people live in security.

As in the other plant images, Christ is a branch because he cannot be intrinsically part of the tree. To fulfill prophecies, he needs the same heritage, but he cannot have the sin that comes through mankind.

Later in Jeremiah, in chapter 33, these words are repeated almost verbatim. But there is an addition here in verse seventeen, “For this is what the Lord says: David will never fail to have a man sitting on the throne of the house of Israel.”

Because of God’s promise to David, the Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord or Lords had to come from his lineage. The throne of Israel currently has Jesus sitting on it—though most don’t know it or can’t see it. That goes back to the dual nature of Zion. In the heavenly Jerusalem, Jesus already rules and reigns supreme.

But one day that rule will come to Earth, too.

People talk about certain blissful or happy things being ‘heaven on earth’. This time in the prophecy truly will be. No one will have reason to fear. Peace and security will be daily givens.

Until then, we have to trust that God’s purposes.

Lamentation of the Millennium

I find no joy in the things of this world,

The leaders, the land, the hearts of men,

All decay continually like so much dead flesh.

I watch the souls evaporate in hell's heat,

Making animals of human beings.

I am a Jeremiah, weeping for my people,

Shedding a tear each time Satan smiles.

Still, through it all, I see God's hand.

He is ever in control!  He has not left His throne!

And I rejoice that the Love of my soul

Holds all which is dear...

And He will not let go.

A Sixty-Day Countdown to Christmas

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