The Messiah Simeon Waited For

Day 47, The Best Storyteller Ever

Psalm 78: 1-4 My people, hear my instruction;
listen to what I say.
 I will declare wise sayings;
I will speak mysteries from the past—
 things we have heard and known
and that our fathers have passed down to us.

We must not hide them from their children,
but must tell a future generation
the praises of the Lord,
His might, and the wonderful works
He has performed. (HCSB)

According to the list of messianic prophecies I have been using as a reference for these posts, this section of Scripture foretells Jesus’ use of parables when he taught.

As a storyteller myself, I love that about my Lord. He used tales—both real and imagined—to make his points and share his messages. Sometimes the story meanings were obvious; sometimes they needed explanation. But no matter the day or the message, he could think of an illustration to make his point.

I think this is part of the reason children wanted to be near Jesus. They knew that around him, it was always story time!

John says in his gospel that he couldn’t include everything Jesus said and did. It was just too much. I imagine that goes for the parables, too.

Christ wasn’t the only person in the Bible to use parables, but we have more of his. Many more. So taking that and John’s qualification into account, there’s no telling how many he actually related and how many he was asked to repeat.

But isn’t that what happens with the best stories? We listen to them over and over again. We pick up those books to relive the adventure. We ask for our friends and relative, “Can you tell me again about the time…?”

Even more so with Jesus’ parables. Or the story of Jesus himself. Enjoy the following poem.


You Were There that Christmas

  Were you there, friend?

   Were you there at His birth?

   Did you see God born

   To Mary in the stable?

   Did you hear the angels

   Up in the night

   Sing their praises and hallelujahs

   To the Lord on High?

   Were you there, friend?

   Were you there to see wise seekers

   Bring to the newborn child

   Such valuable things--

   As frankincense, myrrh,

   And even pure gold?

   Were you there, friend?

   Or is it just a story to you?

   If the child lives in your soul,

   You were there.

   You were there.

   Were you there with shepherds in the cold

   While taxpayers nestled in inns?

   If the child knows your heart

   You were there.

   You were there!

   Merry Christmas!

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