The Messiah Simeon Waited For

Day 27, Jesus and the Passover Lamb, part 1

Deuteronomy 12:27a: It is the Passover sacrifice to the Lord… 46b: Do not break any of the bones.

Numbers 9: 10 “Tell the Israelites: ‘When any of you or your descendants are unclean because of a dead body or are away on a journey, they are still to celebrate the Lord’s Passover… 12 They must not leave any of it till morning or break any of its bones. When they celebrate the Passover, they must follow all the regulations.

In the Passover and sacrifice of the lamb, God foreshadowed what would happen with the Messiah.

On the 10th day of the month, the Israelites had to choose a perfect, one-year old lamb or goat. Then, four days later, at twilight, their chosen one would be sacrificed. As the sacrifice occurred, the blood would be collected. Using a stalk of hyssop, blood would be applied to the wood frame of the doorway. It went on either side and along the top. This blood then kept the angel of death from slaying the firstborn. After this, people had to stay inside the house. Under the seal of blood, they were protected.

Likewise, God chose a perfect Lamb for his sacrifice. When the people acknowledged him as Lord with Hallelujahs on Palm Sunday, the clock started. Four days later, he was crucified. Exactly four days. Just like the lamb of Passover.

Both of these Scripture references mention leaving the bones intact. Both for a meal and for a crucifixion victim, that is unusual and difficult to do. In the butchering process, bones are often cut or damaged. Just think about the meat at the grocery store. Cut bones make the meal preparation easier.

In crucifixion, most victims died slowly. So to hurry it along, officials would often break the legs. Since Christ had already died when the centurions broke the legs of the thieves, they didn’t need to do that to him. Instead, to make sure he really was a corpse, an official stabbed his side. Blood and water ran down the wood of the cross.

As the blood on the doorframe kept away the angel of death for one night, this blood upon wood conquered death for all time.

But most Jews did not expect this of the Messiah. This is why Simeon saw that Jesus would become a stumbling block for his people.

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