The Messiah Simeon Waited For

Day 3, A Sketch of Simeon


Drawing a sketch, as you can see from the picture, is not one of my talents. But hopefully, following up on a word sketch is.

Who was this man that honored Jesus’ birth? What do we know about him? What can be guessed at from Scripture?

We know

  1. His name was Simeon
  2. He lived in Jerusalem
  3. He was righteous
  4. He was devout
  5. He looked forward to the Messiah
  6. The Holy Spirit anointed him
  7. He knew he wouldn’t die until he saw the Christ
  8. He followed the Holy Spirit’s leading

We can deduce

  1. He wasn’t a priest nor a regular worker in the temple
  2. He was elderly
  3. He loved the word of God
  4. He had an idea of the cost of salvation
  5. He believed that God would reach the Gentiles

We can guess

  1. That he was of the tribe of Simeon or named for it for some reason. Generally, names followed tribal lines. For instance, Paul was named Saul after the famous king in his own family tree of Benjamin. But this wasn’t always the case.
  2. He met the Lord after Mary and Joseph had performed the customary sacrifices
  3. He had studied the word in order to quote Isaiah

Using these details and more, we will try to learn both more about the person of Simeon and about the prophecies he longed to see fulfilled.

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