The Messiah Simeon Waited For

Introduction to The Messiah Simeon Waited For

When I saw this tree, I called it Simeon.

It is mostly dead. It only had a few leaves to show its tenacious hold on life. But even so, it towers over its younger and healthier counterparts. It is so tall it looks as if it reaches for the clouds.

It is Simeon.

In the gospel of Luke, two people stand out at Jesus’ dedication at the temple. One, the widow Anna, I dedicated last year’s advent posts to. This year, the focus turns to the man in that same chapter.

Both of these individuals, these godly ones who touched Mary so deeply that she mentioned them by name when Luke interviewed her many years later, were old. One might even call them ancient. Both had lived past their expectancy and probably past all those they knew and loved.

Maybe it’s because I’ve taken the turn to the downward side of middle-age that these saints and their testimony speaks to me. Or perhaps it’s their passion and zeal for God. The temple was full of priests and religious officials who might herald the Messiah, yet these two that society declared done were the ones to praise and notice his arrival.

They were the ones who gave him worship.

And for that, if nothing else, they are worth getting to know better.

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Introduction to The Messiah Simeon Waited For

Holding Jesus

Day 3, A Sketch of Simeon

Simeon Was a Godly Man

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Day 7, Blessing to Nations

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Day 16, Seeing Reality

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Day 27, Jesus and the Passover Lamb, part 1

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Day 29, Jesus and the Passover Lamb, Part 3

Day 30, Jesus as the Lamb (con.)

Day 31, Simeon as a Man of Gratitude

Day 32, Sacrificing Lambs in the Old Testament

Day 33, The Silent Lamb

Day 34, The Messiah as Light

Day 35, Jesus the Stumbling Block

Day 36, Jesus as the Rock

Day 37, The Precious Cornerstone

Day 38, The Stone in Zion

Day 39, The Cornerstone and the Gate

Day 40, The Stone of Judgment

Day 41, Into Zion First

Day 42, Restoring the Booth of David

Day 43, Forgotten Stones

Day 44, Blessed to Receive

Day 45, Crown Him with Many Crowns

Day 46, Identifying the Son of God

Day 47, The Best Storyteller Ever

Day 48, In Bethlehem, the City of David

Day 49, Born a King

Day 50, The Living Jesus

Day 51, The Mountain Tree (Part 1)

Day 52, The Mountain Tree (Part 2)

Day 53, The Root of Jesse

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Day 56, Time Fulfilled

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Day 57, Born David's King