Elementary Grammar

Using Shurley English as the foundation, this class reviews all the parts of speech and sentences structures for written English. Students learn both to decode pre-existing writing and to create works of their own based on the skills practiced in class. The course also delves into extensive vocabulary—intended to stretch the comprehension of the students.

Elementary School Reading and Writing

For the first 25 weeks, will read one chapter of Guzzy Goofball and the Homeschool Play from Outer Space on Tuesday and ask oral comprehension questions. Then, we will apply a writing topic based on the chapter we read. (For instance: Look at the verbs in the chapter we just read and make a list of them. Which is your favorite? Use three of the verbs to write your own sentences.)

On week 26, we will compose a simple book report and review.

From weeks 27 to 38, we will use chapters from the Guzzy sequel in progress (Guzzy Goofball and the Creaturette from the Black Lagoon) following the same format of reading together and doing writing applications.

Basic Writing: 7th grade and above

Using the IEW format, plus tutoring coursework developed for beginning writers, this class will start with the parts of the sentence, building up to the paragraph, then the story and the essay. The lessons will be gradual and detailed with emphases on both understanding and application. Weekly homework will help students practice what they have learned. This class is designed for students who have struggled with writing previously.

Introduction to Creative Writing: 5th to 9th grade

This writing class focuses on ‘fun’ writing rather than essay and college prep writing skills. Over the course of the year, students will try their hands at writing poems, plays, fairy tales, commercials and short stories. The goal is for students to learn and ‘hear’ their natural writing voice and develop that through a series of low-key exercises, assignments and games.

Foundations of Creative Writing: 8th to 12th grade

This writing intensive is designed for the high schooler who loves writing and wants to explore it on a deeper level, refining craft. The first semester focuses on poetry, leading up to the writing (and rewriting) of a sonnet. The second semester concentrates on fiction with the end goal the completion of a short novella. Students in this class are encouraged to take advantage of publishing opportunities.

Introduction to Martial Arts

A third-degree black belt, Mrs. Lyttek teaches the fundamentals of martial arts. This includes self-defense, kicks, forms and general fitness.

French 1

Using First Start French 1 as our foundation, we delve into the introduction to la belle langue on many levels. For instance, students read and decode from the first class when we use picture books to help them understand the language. From there, we go on to read Le Voyage de Babar and Obélix et Compagnie as a class. In addition, the students memorize a Bible verse in French each month.

French 2

Uses First Start French 2 as the base for homework and lesson plans. In addition, this class spends the year reading through Le Petit Prince by St. Antoine d’Exupéry and memorizing Psaume 23 en français. Much more of a focus is spent on reading comprehension and written responses this year, as well as fluency of pronunciation.

French 3

This is an intensive class based on the idea that students who have taken the language this long wish to prepare for taking an AP or CLEP exam and/or continue with French at the college level. For homework, we primarily rely on the workbook for Discovering French Nouveau, Rouge 3. In addition, we read La France et Sa Civilisation, Molière’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, and excerpts from Pascal’s Pensées. As a class, we memorize 1 Corinthiens 13. Lastly, near the end of the year, we look at sample AP exams and try our hands at the skills required.


In addition to the classes described above, Mrs. Lyttek tutors ACT and SAT prep, spelling and reading fundamentals, and high school Algebra.